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消除反亚裔种族主义和仇外骚扰的旁观者干预培训 / Bystander Intervention to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment
Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment are on the rise across the US -- and the world. In this virtual Zoom workshop sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles and Hollaback!, you'll learn how you can intervene effectively as a bystander without compromising your safety.

This one-hour, interactive training will teach you Hollaback!'s 5D's of bystander intervention methodology. We'll start by talking about the types of discrimination that Asian and Asian American folks are facing right now - from microaggressions to violence. You'll then learn what to look for and the positive impact that bystander intervention has on individuals and communities.

We'll talk through five strategies for intervention: distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct; and how to prioritize your own safety while intervening. At the end of our practice scenarios, you'll leave feeling more confident intervening the next time you see Anti-Asian/American harassment.

This training may not be ADA compliant.

Please contact Diane Ting at dting@advancingjustice-la.org with any questions.

反亞裔種族主義和仇外騷擾的言行在美國和世界各地與日俱增。在這次亞裔推進正義協會與Hollaback!非盈利組織一起協辦的Zoom 線上培訓項目中, 我們將學會在看到騷擾的言行時,做為一個旁觀者怎樣在保護好自己個人安全的情況下還能有效地干預和製止這樣的言行。

在這一個60 分鐘的互動性培訓中,我們將教你學會Hollaback!組織開發的旁觀者可以使用的5D's 干預方法。 現提供中文版,包括粵語和普通話!首先,我們要講解和列舉亞裔人和亞裔美國人目前所面對的各種不敬言行 – 從微型攻擊到暴力襲擊 – 給大家展示我們稱之為“不敬言行的一覽圖。” 您將學會怎樣查看和鑑別這些言行,了解旁觀者的干預將會給個人和社區帶來的積極影響。我們會介紹旁觀者可以採用的五種干預策略:轉移注意力,找人協助,記錄證據,推遲行動,直接干預;以及在干預過程中怎樣優先保證自己的安全。在培訓結束之前,我們會安排時間讓你練習應用學到的策略,這樣你在下次看到(現實中或在網上)反亞裔種族主義和仇外騷擾的言行時,就可以更有信心地做出有效的干預。


粵語課程 - 每月第一個星期四
普通話課程 - 每月第二個星期四
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